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About Us

It all began with an idea.

Enter Tom Devesto, circa 2000. Acclaimed industry leader, innovator and founder of Tivoli Audio. He wanted to build reasonably priced, user-friendly products that give regular people great music. With a team of audio gurus and design masters, Devesto went to work.

The first creation was the iconic Model One. An aesthetic throw back to the classic valve radio, it includes only the essentials with an innovative approach to tuning and an acoustically optimised wooden housing (that also happens to look breathtaking).

These traits have been part of our legacy since the Model One's first production. Intelligent design, great sound and intuitive use. We've kept our classic style while meeting the challenges of modern audio, with Bluetooth streaming, DAB+ digital radio and portable designs for use in and out of the house.

That's why you'll read about us in magazines, see us in audio and design shows, and hear your friends talking about the cute new radio they just got. That's what makes us what we are today: not just meeting our listeners' expectations, but exceeding them.