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  • New Music System 2+ released
New Music System 2+ released

Our new Music System 2+ is is ready to buy! This micro hi-fi system brings together all of the capabilities at the heart of Tivoli Audio, along with high quality stereo sound, all contained in one unit. It's available in three finishes and is a smart option for anyone who wants the possibilities of a stereo system without taking up the space.

The big difference between this model and the original Music System+ is that the Music System 2+ is built without the integrated CD player for those that have moved on from using CDs. You can still listen to DAB+ digital and FM radio as well as all the music on your computer, smartphone or tablet libraries with Bluetooth streaming. For the modern music fan who prefers music files over CDs, this system is a great no-hassle solution.

And as for sound quality, the Music System 2+ has retained the exceptional components of its predecessor, with separate amplifiers, system-specific drivers and a powerful bottom-firing subwoofer. This system is definitely worth checking out.