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  • Albergo+ has landed
Albergo+ has landed

The long-awaited Tivoli Audio Albergo+ FM/DAB+/Bluetooth radio has hit the ground running in Australia. It hasn't been on sale for long but it's already been very popular, and it's no surprise. We've been playing with one in the office, and the volume and quality of the sound is simply astonishing from such a small unit. 

Despite having the most functions of a Tivoli Audio table radio, the Albergo+ is extremely simple to use. The front panel design is very intuitive, and so far, most people have been able to just walk up to it and interact. It's not the kind of radio that requires you to constantly go back to the manual. It also has the same 3” full range, long-throw driver that makes a lot of our radios sound as good as they do.

For some added charm, an optional real wood cabinet is available in three colours. Ours is white with a cherry finish cabinet, and believe you me, it is one smart-looking radio. Be sure to check it out.