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  • Interiorator meets our new Music System Three+
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Interiorator meets our new Music System Three+

Patrick Kooiman, the face behind The Interiorator, has spent some quality time with our Music System Three+. As a pre-existing owner of the fantastic sounding and compact PAL BT he was glad to welcome the new addition to the family. Read about his first foray into the world of Tivoli Audio here.

Here's what he had to say: "I’ve been big fan of Tivoli Audio ever since I got to try the Tivoli PAL BT last summer. It has been my faithful travel companion ever since and has seen many, many hotel rooms. And so you can imagine I was definitely looking forward to using this new hifi-system from The Original Radio Company. I haven’t owned a car for a few years now (taking the train is sooo much better for the environment), I’m not really familiar with the latest technological developments in the radio industry."

Be sure to keep in mind that the offer to win your own Music System Three+ is suitable for residents of the Netherlands only.

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