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  • Music System Three+ and Tivoli Remote app
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Music System Three+ and Tivoli Remote app

Music System 3plus

Introducing the Music System Three+, the next generation portable stereo music system. It streams your music, has the best digital and analogue radio tuners and features a built-in lithium rechargeable battery that allows you to enjoy great sounding portable music for at least 20 hours.

Whether you're at the beach, on a boat, in the park, or inside your house, you can now take great sounding stereo music with you wherever you go.

Tivoli Remote app

To maximise ease of use and deliver additional playback information you can download the free remote app via the iTunes or Google-play store. This full function app connects via Bluetooth and provides two-way communication between the Music System Three+ and your device. In addition to selecting source, stations, track, EQ and volume it also delivers you with information about stations, artist and images of what’s playing on your device. At the same time the Music System Three+ shows station, track and artist information on its display.


Easily browse all your radio stations

Skip to LAST or NEXT preset
and adjust the volume


Select a preset equaliser setting or create your own


Great for Spotify around the home or on the go

Simply select Bluetooth output and enjoy


  • Evgeny Vizelman
  • BluetoothDesignInterior designLifestyleMusicPortableRadio