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  • 25 reasons to choose Tivoli Audio
25 reasons to choose Tivoli Audio

Why would you need 25? Whoever asks, 'give me 25 good reasons'? Most people only need two:

  1. They sound fantastic
  2. They look fantastic

But if you aren't most people, We've just released a beautiful booklet outlining 25 advantages of choosing Tivoli. For people new to Tivoli or those who have a much-loved 10 year old Model One sitting on their bookshelf, there's a lot to learn about these little radios. You might find out something new, like:

Who knew? There's plenty more where that came from. From the SpacePhase stereo technology of our Music System+ and Music System Two+ models to the lacquering process of our premium finishes, there's more to it than you'd know!

Read the complete booklet here.

  • Evgeny Vizelman